Implementation Services
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Implementing a business solution on time and within budget requires a proven approach. SunTek provides proven practices for planning, designing, developing and deploying successful business management software solutions. SunTek provides a flexible and scalable framework to meet the needs of any size organization or project team.

SunTek's guidance consists of principles, models, and disciplines for managing people, processes, and technology elements, and their tradeoffs, that most projects encounter. The SunTek approcah consists of four iterative Steps:

Latest News & Events
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StarWind Launches Version 5.8

Lightspeed Retail
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LightSpeed is the complete retail Point of Sale solution for single or multi-store operations that combines Mac innovation with powerful backend business tools, a streamlined POS interface for fast front-counter sales and a tightly-integrated Web Store for selling online.
Network Services
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SunTek system engineers can fully design, develop and implement your network solution from start to finish, or they can join your project team to assist on a project you manage internally. As a Microsoft Partner, SunTek can provide ongoing support for the three critical technology infrastructure layers deployed with an organization:

Comprehensive Solutions
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Implementation Process
SunTek helps you streamline your implementation, getting your staff up and running faster on your new system at lower cost. You gain productivity and increased quality through a more standardized implementation based on industry standrads. Once your staff has formed a solid base of familiarity, they’ll retain more information from classroom or online training.

Software Support
For most clients, SunTek acts as their first resource for questions, training, and troubleshooting. Our goal is to make you as proficient and independent as possible. When a quick phone call will resolve most questions, we're here and ready to help. We can leverage the Internet via a secure connection or RDC for instant support.

Site Surveys
Whether a Client is considering the purchase of software or use of our services for an existing installation, SunTek will help you by developing an understanding of your network, computing needs, and processes. After surveying your site, we document our findings and make recommendations to improve computing performance, security, and stability.

Virtualization Go Green Now!
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SunTek, Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and Starwind Software offer the best cost effective Virtualization available today. Deploying Microsoft Server 2008 R2 with StarWind we are able to leverage the very best of Virtualization Technology at a cost effective cost. Call us today to find out how.

Beginning with Windows Server 2008, server virtualization using Hyper-V technology has been an integral part of the operating system. Windows Server 2008 R2 introduces a new version of Hyper-V. Hyper-V makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization through Windows Server 2008.


  • Increased availability for virtualized data centers through enhancements such as Live Migration

  • Improved management of virtualized data centers through Powershell and System Center integration

  • Increased Performance and Hardware Support for Hyper-V Virtual Machines via 64 logical processor support and processor compatibility mode

  • Improved Virtual Networking Performance through new networking technologies

  • A simplified method for physical and virtual computer deployments by using .vhd files

  • Designed to provide a secure computing platform across both physical and virtual environments, enabled through next-generation architecture and security features